How to import an account from Casper Wallet?

Step 1: Prerequisite: Preparing importing phrase from Casper Wallet

  • Go to Casper Wallet Setting and choose "Back up your secret recovery phrase"

  • Enter your password, you should see your Casper Wallet Recovery Phrase

Step 2: On the welcome screen, click on "Import Phrase" button

Step 3: On Import Phrase screen, click the small arrow next to Advanced Settings. Then, adjust options based on your importing phrase.

Selecting by the following configurations:

  1. Encryption type: secp256k1

  2. Derivation Path: Casper Wallet

  3. 24 words

Then, carefully check the pasted phrase from Step 1, then click Import to begin importing.

Step 4: After the import process is finished, you will be prompted to set a PIN code for your account.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported your account from the Casper Wallet into the CasperDash Mobile Wallet. You can now start exploring the world of DeFi on the Casper Network using the features provided by the wallet.

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